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Dear Texas February 4, 2011

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I know you’re trying to salvage what is left our relationship, quite frankly it’s too little too late.  All I see is a desperate attempt to deceive me yet again.  This little splattering of white, will not convince me you have changed.  I have not forgotten the brutal way you treated me the summer before last when it was well over a hundred degrees for over sixty days straight.  I know you made an attempt to make it up to me last winter when we had more “cold” days than in previous years.  However, your idea of cold and my idea of cold are two very different things.  I fear on this point we may have severe irreconcilable differences.  The last two days aside, I have yet to experience any true attempt on your part to woo me.   I am beyond disappointed that you would try such an underhanded and deceitful attempt to win back my affections, and such a half hearted attempt at that.  Perhaps if you had offered several inches of snow I would reconsider.  You didn’t, and your past transgressions offer me little hope you will change in the future.  Your efforts are worthless and futile at best.  You couldn’t even bring yourself to offer enough for a snowman or sledding?  This reprehensible “dusting” you left last night is not even fit for making snowballs.  I am not impressed.  Others have so much more to offer than you, I am considering their offers quite seriously.  Perhaps you should concentrate your efforts on another.

Regretfully Still Yours, For Now



5 Responses to “Dear Texas”

  1. faithfulremembrances Says:

    It kind of sounds like a poem mommy from grace

  2. kristine Says:

    teehee! You are to clever.

  3. kristine Says:

    I mean– too clever. *sheesh* Obviously I do not fit in that same category. I shall go hide myself in shame from English teachers reading my comments. *grimace*

  4. Tova Says:

    So when are you moving? And where?

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