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Imagine February 5, 2011

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the ENTIRE worlds population living in Texas.

Impossible you say?

Well THIS guy actually did the math.

Not only could we all fit (comfortably) but there would be sufficient water and food.  With just with ONE river and the land CURRENTLY farmed in this country there would be enough water and food, for the entire population of this planet living in Texas.

Yeah, I always knew that overpopulation garbage was a myth.

It’s a cool link, check it out ;0)


2 Responses to “Imagine”

  1. lauradodson Says:

    and you want to move…

  2. AmyG Says:

    Way to go, Laura! You tell her! :o)
    What a wonderful place God has made – Texas!
    This is facinating, by the way, Melissa!

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