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Leprechauns and Molarity March 21, 2011

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Conversations happen regularly in our home that I am positive no other family on the planet has.

Grace:  “Mommy did you make those biscuits or buy them?” (spoken as she is washing the dishes in which I made the biscuits )

Me:  “No of course I didn’t make them, little leprechauns did.”

Grace:  “What is a leprechaun?”

Me:  “You don’t know what a leprechaun is?  Hmm, a leprechaun is a fictional small green Irish man.”

*In hindsight I guess I should have clarified that the men themselves are not green, they just wear green.  However, I figure if she ever actually meets a leprechaun I will have bigger problems on my hands than misrepresenting the color of his skin.

I digress.

Me:  “I guess they could be girls too.”

Kaleb: “I would say there would have to be females too, otherwise how would the leprechaun race carry on.”

Me:  “Good point.  Unless of course they reproduce asexually.”

Kaleb:  “That would be weird.”

At which point I am thinking, “Like this conversation we are having about the reproductive habits of fictional characters isn’t?”

Kaleb must have thought so too, because the next words out of his mouth were:

“So the formula for molarity is number of moles/volume of the solution in liters.”


5 Responses to “Leprechauns and Molarity”

  1. Kori Says:

    But can he define molality?


  2. kristine Says:

    So much for talking to you guys every Saturday evening (morning..whatever)

    I just have to add…I love randomly inserted Chemistry formulas! that makes my day.

  3. Tova Says:

    You are not the only family that has conversations like that, but I’m not sure it can be defined as ‘normal.’ But then I always knew we weren’t defined as ‘normal’ either. 🙂

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