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Childhood Dreams May 18, 2011

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My second grade teacher was my favorite teacher of all time.  Her name was Mrs. Molar.

Not only was she amazingly nice (especially compared to the evil minion that was my first grade teacher) she was also beautiful.   I adored her.

Once she took the class on a field trip to her home.  Her and her husband had renovated an old bran into a beautiful home.  Their whole property was gorgeous.  They even had the old spring house up and running.  We all got to drink cool clear water from the spring.  The house was perfect, with its large hand hewn rafters and loft.  I fell in love that day.  At the ripe old age of  7 a huge dream was born in my heart.

My dream house became a renovated 100-year-old barn.  I wanted land.  I wanted a spring house.

A few years back we began to go to Waco for Homestead Heritage every year, and there my dream was renewed.  They have several buildings that were once old dilapidated barns.  Beautiful, perfect, lovely buildings.  Last year when we were there, we were walking through one that I thought would be a perfect house.  I mentioned to richard and my Mommy about how much I wanted something like it to call my own.   I pictured a sweet little house on a rolling hill, gingham curtains gracing the windows, beautiful quilts adorning the beds, and a fire burning in the wood stove.  I whispered a little prayer in my heart, reminding the Lord of how I have loved this barn idea from childhood, and asked Him to please someday give me one….pretty please.

Now I live in Michigan and there are amazing big red barns EVERYWHERE.  I’m a happy girl driving around seeing all this beauty.

We are hoping that a purchase of 5.5 acres is going to go through, and then I will have those rolling hills I have always longed for.

The only thing missing is my barn.

This is where I say that my God is so good to me.

Not only does He love me with this amazing, life changing love.

He also gave me new life and a hope for my future.

He also has given me countless good gifts.

Sometimes I feel so spoiled by Him.

I especially do right now, because He has also given me a barn.

I know it’s not much to look at right now, but since I have seen with my own eyes what can be done, I have the vision for what it will be.

If all goes as planned it will be torn down, transported to our land, reconstructed, and renovated into a home.

It is a MASSIVE barn, 40 x 60.  Far too big for a home for us.  So we will scale it down, to a decent size.  The majority of our lumber will come from the barn.

The hand hewn timbers will make up our frame, they will be exposed and visible in our main living area and kitchen.

That loft at the end will be the boys bedroom, overlooking down in the living area.  There will be another just like it one the other side for the girls, with a walkway/small sitting area connecting the two.  I think a nice antique looking metal railing would look awesome for the lofts and for the stairway rails.

The roof is amazing.  The tongue and groove wood that makes up the roofing will become our flooring and those AMAZING 1 x 12 pieces of wood, well I am hoping a couple of them can be made into benches for our kitchen table, and the rest will go to Tim to fashion all manner of beautiful things out of them.

I am wanting to take some of the old siding and use it as wall for some room in the house.  Maybe the living room, or kitchen, or a bedroom, I haven’t decided yet.

I am picturing our wood stove (thanks again Jacob and Carol it adds perfectly to my dream, plus every time I put wood in it I will think of you and pray for you as you bring the love and healing of Jesus to those in Sudan and Uganda) in the living room with the walls around it made from rocks, maybe even rocks we can find n our property.

I am giddy with excitement….as long as I am not thinking of all the work that will have to be done.

I know in the end all the work will be worth the reward of having my childhood dream come to pass.


5 Responses to “Childhood Dreams”

  1. keltiebree Says:

    I am too excited to watch this unfold! Good thing I know you like to take pictures. 😉

  2. AmyG Says:

    Beautiful dream! Excited with and for you!
    What an exciting journey!
    Just don’t aim too small…you never know how many other kiddos God has handpicked to fill up your house! He knows about that dream too!
    Love you guys!

  3. Jacob Lee Says:

    Very, very cool :-)!!!!!!!!

  4. lauradodson Says:

    love that barn! wow, it’s gorgeous. that WOOD! i can see why you’re so excited. can’t wait to watch it unfold into a beautiful home for your family. thanks be to God.

  5. Tova Says:

    Once again wanting to move to you. Land, rolling hills AND A BARN for a house!!?!!! Amazing. Love it. Would be jealous if I was allowed. 😉

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