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Wherein I Complain Shamelessly May 28, 2011

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  • People drive me crazy.  Not all people mind you, just the stupid idiots that make the horribly liberal laws slightly less informed and mostly deceived government officials in Michigan.  I needed to register our vehicles.  Of course in order to do that I needed to get Michigan insurance. In order to get insurance they wanted a Michigan drivers license.  In order to get a driver’s license I had to provide everything but a DNA sample to prove my identity.  Seriously, were it not for the adoption, I would have had to spend a small fortune in order to get all the documents they wanted in order to prove who I really am.  Maybe I am just way too simple-minded, but since I showed a passport, and in order to get a passport you have to provide all sorts of confirmation of who you are, maybe just maybe that should be enough to get a Michigan drivers license.   Just sayin’
  • I might just add here that to register to vote, you just fill out a little card and send it in.  No need to prove who you are.  Probably explains the whole heinously liberal  less conservative atmosphere around here.  It probably would take me less time to find an ACORN office than it did to find the Wal-Mart.
  • Did you know Michigan is the only state in Union that is a no fault state for automobile accidents.  That means that if you run a stop sign and injure my family, I am responsible for the damages.  Doesn’t matter if it’s your fault.  Doesn’t matter if your drunk.  In fact if you happen to be from another state, and you are drunk, and you hit me, and injure yourself along with my family, due to the fact you are not from Michigan and the  Michigan laws, I am responsible for your injuries as well as my own.  Cannot even begin to tell the stories I have heard in the last day about how this is abused.  Did you also know that means we have to have absurd amount of personal protection liability insurance, which made our policy price quadruple in price.  If you’re confused about how this happens, see bullets one and two.
  • I am sick to death of urine.  I just am.  I have one particular child that needs to not pee the bed anymore.  Actually, they don’t even need to not pee the bed, would it be possible for the love of all that is yellow, to just keep it in the pull up????
  • I drive by this sign all time that is in the front yard of some really confused people.  It reads, “Save our unions.  Save our jobs.  Save Michigan.”  I swear to you it takes all that is in me not to pull over, get out of my car, knock on their door, and say, “So how’s that whole union thing been working out for saving jobs and saving Michigan?”  Again, maybe I am too simple-minded, but if what you’ve already been doing for the last several decades isn’t working out real well, it’s not because you have not given it enough time.  Maybe just maybe it’s time to try something new, like I don’t know…less taxes, less government oversight, less in general from those people couldn’t be bad for anybody.  Then maybe businesses will be able to cut their overhead, increase manpower, which in turn would increase production.  Sounds like jobs not just saved, but added.  Surely that would save Michigan.  What do I know though, I’m just an ignorant homeschool mom, unable to educate my own children well, let alone run a state.
  • My wrist still hurts.  I’ve waited so long to go to the doctor that now it just seems foolish to go.  I suppose I will have to, from here on out, consider it a thorn in my flesh.
  • I need Chick-Fil-A.  Someone please, I beg of you, send me some Chick-Fil-A.  I would like a number 5, eight count, with a large unsweet tea, and a slice of lemon pie.  Oh and Chick-Fil-A sauce for dipping my nuggets in and one buffalo sauce for my waffle fries.
  • I also need Costco.  I knew not having a Costco twenty minutes from my house would be a difficult adjustment, I just never dreamed it would be this hard.  Quitting Meth would have been easier than quitting Costco.
At this point I am reminded that we are to do everything without arguing or complaining.  So how about the rosy side to all this nonsense.
  • The lady at the driver’s license office was very sweet.  She made the half hour we spent with her go quite smoothly.  Not only that but the insurance guys I talked with were all quite pleasant as well.  They made a frustrating and disappointing situation seem more bearable.
  • I do get to vote.  I  have a voice and I use it.  I am raising children who will do the same.  Give us ten years, and the 14 Texans that are here will change the fabric of Michigan.
  • Admittedly I am slightly freaked out about the insurance costs.  Seriously it will be close to two grand a year for just two cars.  However, I have a God who cares for me and provides for all my needs.
  • I have a wonderful child who cannot hold their bladder, but who brings me such joy, it makes the pee bearable.
  • Despite the liberal feel of this place I do love it here.  The people are friendly, the pace is slow, the weather is grand, the scenery beautiful,  the rain abundant.  As for the rest of it, well, see bullet 2A.
  • I will get a Chick-Fil-A and Costco fix today.  Sure it might not be every week (did I just admit that I used to go to Costco and eat Chick-Fil-A once a week????  No couldn’t be, must be only found  memories, skewed by nostalgia.)

7 Responses to “Wherein I Complain Shamelessly”

  1. lauradodson Says:

    Hey, at least there IS a Costo and Chick fil A. How far do you have to drive? Pool opens today, but I’m sure you’re enjoying your verdant pastures and rain more…and amish buggies pulling boats? Miss y’all.

    • faithfulremembrances Says:

      Dissapointments abound…first I figure out I was wrong about there being a Chick-Fil-A in Grand Rapids, then after we drove over an hour and a half to get to Costco they didn’t have ANY of the good stuff we go there to get for juicing…no organic coffee…not even the big box of peanut butter crackers. We cancelled our membership…sad sad day.

      • lauradodson Says:

        oh man. that totally stinks! I wonder why Costco wouldn’t have all the good stuff? Maybe there are other sources for your juicing? Maybe that’s why they don’t carry it…and NO Chik fil A?!?!? Sheesh. Double whammy.

  2. kristine Says:

    I don’t mean to look on the cynical side of things but maybe the insurance people were so nice because they had visions of spending all of that money that you’ll be forking over.

  3. Tova Says:

    NO COSTCO!!! Sad day is right! I’m sure you will eventually get over your once a week Chick Fil A habit. And on behalf of all the northerners that read, what is Chick Fil A?

  4. Kori Says:

    Yeah, but the weather is nice (till October)….

    And we can all be thankful that y’all didn’t sell your house here!! So when you finally have enough of this cold, liberal, Chick-Fil-A-less place– you will have a nice, recently re-
    painted, air conditioned home to come home to!

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