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It’s Not Everyday, but Sometimes Twice a Day May 31, 2011

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Yesterday I was working on planting a garden on our future land.

Leave it to me to work outside all day long on the hottest day of the year in Michigan.

AND for those of you who know what a whiny baby I am about heat, it was actually hot.   Over 90 degrees I’ll have you know.  I even got myself a tinge of a burn, which promptly went away over night.  Just so you know if I had spent all day outside in Texas without sunblock I would be in the ICU right now nursing 3rd degree burns.

Since you can’t see me, I’ll tell ya I have a smug looking smirk on my face.

ANYWAY, I am WAY on the back of the property.  Grace comes running up just as excited as could be, begging me to come right away and see what she found while  traipsing the woods with her cat that is just like a dog because it is loud and follows her everywhere (Whew! That was a run on sentence on par with the likes of Paul.  By the way since there are run on sentences in scripture, it must be OK with God, therefore it is Ok with me).  Now you  must remember that this IS Grace we are talking about, it could be any number of things she wants me to see.  For instance it could be: the latest critter she has captured, animal scat, a snake she has killed, skinned and gutted, or a beautiful flower just to name a few.  So you can understand why I wasn’t really all that excited to follow her to see her latest find.

THIS however she informed me I just had to see.  She promised I wouldn’t be disappointed.

How far away is it I ask.  Not far at all was her reply.  So I followed.  All the way across 11 acres of field with 4 foot high grass.  Into the woods were I got ticks on me, in the worst heat wave to hit Michigan since 2010.  I might have been complaining a little because Grace informs me, “I know it’s hot and it’s a long ways, but Mama it’s not everyday you get to see something like this.”

Finally we arrive, and like climbing to the top of a mountain, the view leaves you speechless, and at once you find the work to get there worth it.


The picture is horrid because I left my camera at home, so we had to use a cell phone.  A word of advice:  When you are packing to leave for the day, if you feel a prompting to bring your camera, go ahead and bring it.  Even if you think to yourself that you’re just gardening so what could you possibly want to take  pictures of.  Otherwise, you will miss a newborn fawn, a perfectly beautiful robins nest built ever so gingerly in the grass with three darling blue eggs,  and an incredibly dirty girl, face all aglow with the wonder of creation, along with her feline sidekick.


There curled up in the brush was the sweetest little new-born fawn in all the world.  Yes I know all new-born fawns look the same.  However, I can assure you that when you see one for yourself in the wild, you too will find it to be the cutest one in all the world.

It was worth the hike.  Heat, bugs, and all.

This is the part where the sweet post turns sour.  I’m sorry all good things on earth must come to an end ya know.

Later I was riding the four-wheeler trying to find the boundary stakes for our land.  As I mentioned the grass is about four feet tall.  I’m driving along, minding my own business, when suddenly, THUMP! THUMP! and a horrid shrieking sound like a lamb being tortured.  I had found another newborn fawn, and ran over it with a four-wheeler.  It was jumping around hollering while I sat there mortified.   My son assured me since it was jumping around like it was it couldn’t have been too injured.  I’m choosing to believe that.

At any rate it might not be everyday you get to see a new-born fawn, but for me it happens twice.


2 Responses to “It’s Not Everyday, but Sometimes Twice a Day”

  1. lauradodson Says:

    I may have 3rd degree burns, but I DONT have ticks. ew.

    My mom and I saw a fawn once when I was about Grace’s age and we’ve never forgotten it.

    Don’t worry, either, it’s still cooler in MI than here…but not by much.

  2. Tova Says:

    ticks = gross.

    Not sure about coming, either. I’m allergic to chicken.

    And running over a baby fawn. Isn’t that kind of a texan thing to do???

    Yes, I’m sure it was fine….

    Sounds like a lovely day, wish I could come and stay. Forever.

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