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An Apiarists Dream Come True June 15, 2011

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My beloved has worked a few days with Nathaniel, an Amish farmer.

Not only has it provided some funds, but Richard has had so much fun learning how to perform new tasks.

Saturday they were coming back from the farmer’s market and had stopped at a grocery store.

Suddenly they saw a black cloud in the distance, swiftly coming their way.

It was a swarm.

When a bee hive gets to be overpopulated, the bees swarm.  A great number of them will leave with the queen to begin a new hive, leaving behind a small number of workers who will keep the old hive going with a new queen.

Swarming bees generally are not at all dangerous as they usually will not sting or attack while swarming.

Nathaniel is an Apiarist (beekeeper), among other things,  so he called a friend to come and help capture the swarm for him.

My beloved got to witness this VERY cool capture.


Capture some pictures on his very cheesy phone.  I have got to get that guy a camera.

Swarming bees

Swarm resting on tree branch.

This is the temporary hive they brought to transport the bees.  The bees slowly went in until the queen was in, then it was a mad rush for all to get in the hive.  That thing in the back there is one of the guys boots covered in bees.

Bees are counted by weight, and they estimated there were around thirty-thousand bees in this swarm.

So bummed that I missed it.

The cool thing is that this guy is going to apprentice Noah, who has always wanted to be a beekeeper.

Soon I will have loads of fresh raw honey, right from my back yard.

*click on photos to enlarge for a better view.

3 Responses to “An Apiarists Dream Come True”

  1. keltiebree Says:

    Wow. Too cool. You’ll never see that where I live. 🙂

  2. lauradodson Says:

    seriously seriously cool! and i want some of that honey.

  3. Tova Says:

    That’s awesome! My Dad kept bees when I was a kid, and I’ve always wanted too. We are too citified to do it here though. 😦

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