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Travels June 16, 2011

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Lake Michigan:

  • 1,638 miles of shoreline
  • covering 22,300 square miles
I have always wanted to see the Great Lakes.
Yesterday I got to see one of them.
It is a wonder to behold.
Seriously, I am used to seeing water stretch that far…but only when standing on the shores of the Gulf Coast.
However, this is WAY better.  After all, I did not see a single dead jelly fish washed up on shore, and I can swim in this water and not worry about getting attacked by a shark thus dying a horrible, pain filled, bloody death.
It did not stink either.
It was 68 degrees.
Just sayin’
Plus there are light houses.  I am making it a personal goal to travel around and capture as many photos of light houses as I possibly can.  They make me happy.  I hate to travel.  However I will travel for lighthouses and orphans.  That’s it.  Well I guess now that I live way up here I might travel to go down to visit some people…but that’s it.  That is where I draw the proverbial line.

3 Responses to “Travels”

  1. kristine Says:

    oooh. I like the light houses. and the big body of fresh shark free water sounds nice too!!

  2. lauradodson Says:

    gosh that lake is GORGEOUS! and I definitely think the expansion of your self-imposed traveling rules is a good one. Lighthouses rock, and friends even more so. Neither compare much to orphan care, but as long as I’m thrown into the travel plan, I’m good.

  3. linda wolfe Says:

    Looks beautiful! I love light houses. However, it’s hard to feast on such beautiful water and shoreline when I’m in drought oppressed heat and my poor parched yard and flowers are starving for water. However, we DID get a tremendous tomato crop this year and are still enjoying. Wish we could share them with you guys. I remember last year when the goat ate alot of yours. Miss you guys, but so glad to see your delight!

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