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Huge Milestone and a Birthday June 22, 2011

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Today we celebrate the sixth birthday of my sweet Ugandan princess.

What a joy and blessing she is.

What an honor it is to have been chosen to be her mama.

Birthday pics in her new dresses, she picked out.  They reflect her personality perfectly.  The purple one reflects that she is fun and loud.  The polka dot one reflects that she is also such a lady.  What ever her mood, one thing is sure: she is a beauty.


a crazy picture of  me with my girl,  I resisted the urge to Photoshop out all those wrinkles.  But I did edit out the cleavage ;0)  I asked for a head shot, people need to learn to follow directions that’s all.

This month we also celebrated a huge milestone in the adoption world.

It has often been said that it takes a child an equal  number of years that they spent in the orphanage to adjust and heal once in a family.  The 3rd of this month marked that day for Marissa.  She has now been apart of our family longer than she was without one.

For all you adoptive mama’s that might be reading, what those experts say is true.  Plain and simple truth.

This child, who in the beginning, was so very difficult.  Who gave me more fits than one mom can possible handle.  Who manipulated like only a harden criminal…or a harden and hurting orphan can.  Who exhausted me day in and day out.  The girl who spent her days angry and afraid.  The girl who was superficially charming with everybody but me.  The girl who would hold  hands and hug random women in stores.  The girl who would pee on me some times days in a row when she was mad.  The girl who soothed herself and her fears with food.  That girl is gone.

In her place is a secure, loving, joy filled, content, fearless, happy, attached child.  When random people tell her how cute she is and asks if she wants to come home with them, she says a firm and loud, “NO!  I want to stay with my mommy.”  She has a healthy fear of strangers.  She shares stories and hopes and fears with us.  She comes to us when she has a need or is injured.  She laughs with abandon, not because she is trying to please and charm…but because she lives life with gusto.    She understands her place in  our family and our hearts is sure, forever.

Truly she is whole and healed.

Praise be to my Great and Awesome God, who places the lonely in families, who binds up the broken-hearted, and heals hearts.

I praise Him  that He chose our family to place two lonely and lost souls in.  that we get a front row seat in watching Him do His glorious thing He does.  Joy unspeakable fills me when I think that I get to serve my Savior being mommy to such a splendid girl.

Happy Birthday sweet girl, Mommy loves you bunches and bunches!


4 Responses to “Huge Milestone and a Birthday”

  1. Kori Says:

    Please tell that little beauty happy birthday for us!!!

    Lovely pictures and lovely post!

  2. Kori Says:

    Tell Marissa & Gracie to check Gracie’s email.

  3. lauradodson Says:

    Happy Birthday Marissa!

    Scripture does indeed say the Lord restores the years the locusts have eaten. It’s so reassuring to see the fruit with our eyes. Don’t get me wrong, faith is good. But to see that faithful fruit brings a smile to my face and a sigh to my heart. ;o)

  4. Tova Says:



    We know too.

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