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Five Minute Friday: Wonder June 25, 2011

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I have decided to participate in Gypsy Mama’s  five minute Friday.  A writing prompt is given and you write for five minutes, no corrections, no over-thinking.  This weeks prompt:  Wonder

Wonder: I look up the stars and I wonder at you creation.  

I see the vast and glorious space and wonder at you wisdom, might, and grace.  

I taste the sweet fruits and wonder that you gave me the sense of taste to enjoy your creation.  

I see all the abundance and wonder at your provision.  

I see the depths of my heart and wonder that you love me still.  

In spite of all you have shown me you are and all you can do, I look at my circumstances and wonder.  

I wonder when you will intervene.  

I wonder when you will heal broken hearts. 

I wonder do you hear my cries. 

I wonder if you will bring lost souls to your abiding love and replace the depravity with your love and grace.  

I wonder not just when you will rescue and redeem, but I wonder if.  

Then in the quiet, in the stillness, as I devour your truth again.

I wonder that you are there amidst all my failings, all my doubts, to comfort and encourage and love me still.  

Whispering, “Sweet child, wonder not in your circumstances, I am here. Wonder only in me.”  

My heart responds, “Yes Lord. I will Wonder. Wonder in your greatness and glory and faithfulness.”


One Response to “Five Minute Friday: Wonder”

  1. lauradodson Says:

    I wonder “if” too, and am gently corrected/convicted each time to do the same as you…to wonder, trust, have faith in my God.

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