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Heard At My House August 15, 2011

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Marissa and William were having a conversation about what they will be when they grow up.

William had it narrowed down to a chef, a policeman, a fireman, or  have a military career.  After some conversation with mom he was left being a fireman because that means he saves people AND gets to cook.

Marissa said she just wanted to be a mommy/teacher.

William lovingly informed her, “Well I hope you know you won’t be making any money doing that!”

Later, I was on the phone talking to a friend and William overheard me say, “Well I’m not a doctor but….”

To which he quizzically asked his sister, “What!!! She’s NOT a doctor?”


One Response to “Heard At My House”

  1. lauradodson Says:

    LOL! You’re not a doctor?!

    Jeremiah wants to be a cook. ;o)

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