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A Walk in the Woods October 7, 2011

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I have been hearing rave reviews about a park about fifteen minutes from our house.  Since we have been having this lovely Indian Summer, I thought we would head over and check it out.

When there is a trail, we will walk it.

When there is more than one trail we will always walk the black diamond.  

Which is the number two reason why I will never go skiing.    Kudos to the person who can give the number one reason why I will never go skiing.  

Sadly two children were missing.  One was building a chicken coop, the other was serving a short jail sentence.

Anyway, after taking the long way to get to the big trail, we managed to hike WAY further than we had planned.Here we are in the beginning:

Grace asked to take a picture of me.

This is what a picture looks like when one is giving instructions as the shutter does it’s thing.

Lovely huh?

It’s definitely better when I keep my mouth shut, and I’m not just talking about pictures.

There were lovely splashes of color among all the green.

We found a resting place with a well with a hand pump and an altar looking thing, which Grace promptly laid down on.  Then she looked cute, so I had to take a picture, rather than sacrifice her to idols.  Good thing she’s cute ;0)

Someone said he was tired and so he hitched a ride or two.

We found big as your face leaves.

It was a long hike in which I perspired far too much for October, but thankfully we only had one casuality.


2 Responses to “A Walk in the Woods”

  1. kristine Says:

    Beautiful pictures! What a nice day.

  2. Tova Says:

    Lovely! And I love both pics of you.

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