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Thirty Days of Thankfulness November 1, 2011

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Day 1

For this I am thankful,

  •  Free, abundant, all-sufficient, sustaining, life-giving grace.
  • The living and active Word, which pierces and comforts my soul
  • Cool breezes
  • Leaves crunching underfoot
  •  Laughter
  • Dark eyed boy, with a heart as big as his smile
  • Long phone conversations with a precious friend
  • Freedom to be who I am
  • Feeling normal and accepted
  • My local church body, who help make the previous two a daily reality
  • My husband, there are not words enough to express the joy, comfort, and delight he is to me

3 Responses to “Thirty Days of Thankfulness”

  1. Shauna Vaughan Says:

    Joining you in the 30 days of thanks. 🙂

  2. April Walsh Says:

    8,9,,and 10 brought tears to my eyes for you. I am so thankful God has lovingly placed you in a wonderful body!

  3. Emily McLennan Says:

    Love you and….Why are you naked?…our nice long…What are you doing?….conversations…I told you to do your work!…even if sometimes…I’m on the phone!…interrupted.

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