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30 Days of Thankfulness November 2, 2011

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Day 2

For this I am thankful:

  • Watchful big sisters, and a daddy close by
  • Tea leaves, blissfully floating in my cup
  • Sons who are like their father, who daily lives to emulate THE Father
  • The Holy Spirit: leader, teacher, comforter, and joy
  • Fresh, raw, organic milk.  In big glass jars, for a price I can afford
  • Clean and hot running water
  • Friends that remind me of Jesus, both in their demeanor and speech
  • The chance to be a mother
  • Children who love me and think I am wonderful, in spite of all my flaws and failures
  • Mercies: New every morning
  • A pantry filled with food
  • Texts from my mommy, whom I love and am so incredibly proud of
  • A night out with the girls
  • Geese flying high above
  • Fluffy, and curly-haired kittens mewing at my door
  • Breath and life this day, to praise the Lord

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