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30 Days of Thankfulness November 15, 2011

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Days 4-15

Day 4  I am thankful that my life is busy and full, so busy I cannot keep up blogging 30 days in a row.

Day 5  I am thankful for Grace.  She is a light in our home, always bringing laughter, right when it is needed.

Day 6  Chickens, pastured raised, and now in my freezer…and the guys who processed them.

Day 7  William, I could not ask for a better helper, or one with a more charming smile.

Day 8  Richard, works hard, loves hard, forgives freely.  There is not a man I respect more.  He has my heart.  Always.

Day 9  Snow

Day 10  My children getting build their first snowman, and the joy it brought them.

Day 11  Faith, given by a gracious God, just when I need it.

Day 12  Marissa carrying around her baby, braiding her hair like an expert, then saying in a squeaky voice, “Grandma, can I sleep with you tonight?”  I adore that her baby “calls” me grandma.  Makes me a wee bit excited to be one for real….in several years ;0)

Day 13  Friends who let my guys hunt on their land.

Day 14  My local church body.  Seriously, there are no words.  God answered our prayers well beyond anything we could have imagined with this group.

Day 15 Second chances, and passes driving exams.


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