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Anesthesia November 20, 2011

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Richard cut his finger trying to fix my tea cup, and it was/is a pretty decent cut.  As I was attempting to put that skin glue junk on it, it was looking like stitches were in order.  He was ready for me to stitch the cut up.  The following was heard at my house:

Me:  “Do you really want me to stitch this up without anesthesia?”

Richard: “Well I don’t know where we would find anywhere around here.”

Grace:  “I know where we can get some anesthesia, it’s called a stick.”

*Thankfully the glue worked and no clobbering with a stick or doctors were needed.


One Response to “Anesthesia”

  1. lauradodson Says:


    He could have bit the stick instead of being clobbered with it. Glad the glue worked.

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